How Long Does Teeth Whitening Take

When it comes to the duration of teeth whitening, the method you use plays an important role. If you need to whiten your teeth faster, the best option would be to visit a dentist. With a single visit to the dentist, you can get effective results and beautify your smile.

Over-the-counter teeth whitening products are available; however, it can take weeks before you start seeing results. Plus, you may have to wear a device in your mouth during the day or night to get the result you desire.

If you use a teeth whitening strip, it will take between 2-3 weeks for you to start seeing results. For teeth whitening toothpaste, it may take between 2-6 weeks for you to start seeing results.


How long does it take to whiten teeth at the dentist’s office?

The amount of time it takes for teeth whitening depends on the dentist’s approach and how discolored your teeth are. Generally, the duration of teeth whitening performed by your dentist can take between 30 mins to an hour and a half at most, and you can get it done within a single visit.

Teeth whitening through a dentist is usually safe and produces effective results. Patients who visit the dentist with discolored teeth typically leave the office with a shade 3times brighter than it was.


Any need for follow-up care after a teeth whitening session?

In some cases, you’ll need to maintain your teeth at home after the teeth whitening session. 


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