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If you’re dealing with damaged, missing, or decaying teeth, come to Aura Dental and we can apply a crown to restore the colour, shape, and function of your teeth to their natural appearance.

What is a dental crown?

A crown, also called a dental cap, and is a hollow and fully customizable artificial “cap” that covers damaged, decayed, or irregular areas of an affected tooth. Once applied, your tooth with a dental crown fixed to the surface appears and functions just like a natural tooth.

Dental crowns can be produced out of many different materials. If you require a dental crown, one of our dentists will recommend a material that is appropriate to your lifestyle and oral health status. Standard materials that are used to construct a dental crown include porcelain (i.e., fused to metal), resin, metal (e.g., gold), ceramic, zirconia, and stainless steel.

Typically, ceramic crowns are advantageous if you are looking for the best cosmetic option, as their colour blends well with natural teeth. In contrast, crowns made out of metal are exceptionally durable and offer better protection against applied pressure and/or trauma but are visible. So, metal crowns are usually applied to molars towards the back of your mouth.

Who should get a dental crown?

Crowns may be necessary for patients who have had: a root canal, a broken tooth, or a large dental filling. They are especially important after a root canal because the resulting tooth can become very weak and is susceptible to fracturing. Dental crowns are also a suitable cosmetic option to cover up discoloured and distorted (i.e., misshapen) teeth.

What is the process of receiving a dental crown?

When you come to our office to have a dental crown applied, one of our dentists will first inspect and clean the affected area of the tooth in question.

To fit the crown onto the tooth, it will have to be shaved down. So, after applying a local anesthetic to numb the area, our dentist will trim about 1-2 mm of the tooth and take an impression of the shaved tooth. The impression is sent off to a dental laboratory to be molded into a naturally looking tooth, and a temporary cap is placed on your shaved tooth until the dental crown arrives to our office (this takes approximately 5 business days). When you return to our office, we will place and adjust the crown so that it properly fits the shaved tooth. Once adjusted, our dentist will apply dental cement to bond the cap to your tooth. Now, you have a permanently replaced, naturally looking and functioning tooth!

How should I care for my dental crown?

To prolong the life of your dental crown, we recommend avoiding both hard (e.g., candies, ice) and chewy foods. As well, if you suffer from bruxism, or grinding your teeth, it is recommended to use a preventative tool to avoid grinding your teeth which can wear down the structure of your crown. The frequency of teeth grinding can be significantly reduced by purchasing a mouth guard that you can wear while sleeping. If done right, practicing these behaviours can maintain the integrity of your dental crown anywhere from 10-15 years.

s always, we also highly recommend maintaining standard dental hygiene by brushing twice a day, flossing frequently, and scheduling your biannual dental cleanings to keep your dental crown in top-top shape.

If you are looking to replace a damaged or missing tooth, call us today at (204) 560-4500 to see if a dental crown is a suitable restorative option for you.


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