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About Us

At our office located in Northern Winnipeg, our team of dentists have over 25 years collective experience in serving patients with professional dental care services. After having a glance at the services provided by Aura Dental, it becomes clear that our dental care team is professionally trained in a variety of dental procedures that be taken advantage of to maintain and/or restore your healthy smile.

Our modernized technology and state-of-the-art sterilization equipment allow our dental office to function in a highly efficient, clean, and effective manner. And, regardless of who you speak to at Aura Dental, be assured that you will be speaking with highly qualified and professionally trained staff that are knowledgeable in the range of services our office can provide you.

If you are looking for truthful and reliable dentists that offer affordable services for your entire family, Aura Dental is your best choice. And remember, our individualized approach to planning dental care plans means that you get the dental services that specifically cater to your lifestyle and needs! This ensure you receive the best, most effective, and highest quality services to maintain your dental hygiene. 

Our dentists have incomparable reputations reflected by their genuine, gentle, and professional personas so you can feel confident that you are receiving the best dental services in the region. Together, our team at Aura Dental strives to ensure that you receive high-quality, comfortable, informative, and effective dental care to help you maintain your healthy, confident smile.


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Highly recommend, 5 out of 5 service every time! The office is welcoming and very clean. Dr. Tom and Ari are both very friendly. They always do an amazing job at making sure I'm comfortable during my appointments and taking my concerns seriously by being attentive and explaining the reasoning behind my concerns.

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