Your First Visit

Your First Visit

At Aura Dental, we are committed to providing you and your family with the safest, pain-free, and modernized dental care. It is our priority to ensure that everyone in your family feels safe and reassured that visits to the dentist do not have to be intimidating or scary!


We understand that individuals can develop some anxiety about visiting the dentist. This said, our professional, gentle, and genuine dental care team will attend to the individual needs of each and every patient of our clinic. You can count on us to make your visit to the dentist easy and satisfying.


During your first visit to Aura Dental, our dental care team will strive to optimize your comfortability and familiarity with the office environment and develop a complete and thorough record of your current oral dental health status.


Specifically, when you arrive to our office for the first time, you can expect our dental care professionals to conduct:

    • A complete review of your dental and medical history
    • An oral exam that includes a full dental cleaning/polish
    • A thorough inspection of your teeth to identify possible cavities or early indications of tooth decay
    • X-rays of your teeth and jawline to visualize those hard-to-see areas between the teeth and below the gums
    • A complete dental consultation following your oral examination and x-rays


Our dental consultation will include any information you may need to promote proper dental hygiene in- and outside of the office, recommendations for dental products you can use to maintain proper dental hygiene, and any follow-up treatments that you or anyone in your family may need to revisit us for.


Of course, you are always welcome to ask questions during this time as we aim to personalize the treatment plants for each and every patient of our clinic. So, do not hesitate to inquire about anything you are unsure about when it comes to maintaining proper dental health, or follow-up treatments that may be recommended by one of our dentists. We are always here to answer questions about your oral health.


Important note:

Before you visit us for the first time, we ask that you remember a few things that will help us make your consultation more efficient and accurate:

    • Provide any x-rays that you may have from your previous dentist, if these are accessible to you
    • Let us know about any medications you are currently taking
    • Bring any necessary and completed medical or dental insurance forms. This will save you and us a significant amount of time and will also allow us to assist you in processing claims.



Highly recommend, 5 out of 5 service every time! The office is welcoming and very clean. Dr. Tom and Ari are both very friendly. They always do an amazing job at making sure I'm comfortable during my appointments and taking my concerns seriously by being attentive and explaining the reasoning behind my concerns.

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