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If you need urgent dental care after a dental emergency, you might be uncertain about the best way to handle your emergency dental services needs. A broken or chipped tooth, as well as a knocked-out tooth, can require emergency services that need attention as soon as possible.

Common dental emergencies cannot be handled by ER staff, and you will need to see your local emergency dentist right away for these needs. An emergency appointment at one of our dental centre locations can help to get you emergency dental care for dental pain and other dental issues.

We Handle All Kinds of Dental Emergencies

From a sore tooth to a broken or chipped tooth, or a knocked-out tooth, we can help with your emergency dental needs. The only kind of service that we cannot provide cares for facial trauma requiring hospitalization. Our dental centre locations in Winnipeg can make sure that you get an after-hours appointment before regular office hours Monday.

One of our skilled dentists will see patients in Winnipeg MB during emergency hours if you contact our emergency line.

Our Emergency Dental Services

Most emergency dental services require that you act quickly and make your dental attention a top priority. This is very true of a tooth that has been broken or lost, and you will want to make sure that teeth that have been damaged in this way are attended to immediately. Warm salt water can take care of some of the pain and bleeding for lost teeth before you come in to see a dentist.

If you have an object caught in between your teeth, do not remove it and call one of our dentists immediately. If your tooth has broken put the missing piece into warm water and contact our emergency line. Even new patients are welcome to use these services and we will make sure that our Winnipeg MB locations are open for your needs.

Lost fillings and tooth pain should not be ignored, and you will need to contact our office right away if you think that you need pain killers or assistance with a lost filling. Even a dull ache can be a sign of major problems with your teeth and you should be seen as soon as possible for anything to do with the oral health that concerns you.


What to do About a Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies require immediate care in most cases. Our dental services cover more than just chipped teeth or sore teeth. Our dental centre locations are open for patient care on an emergency basis weekly. Read about our Dental Implants Service.

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