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Teeth naturally become discoloured over time, resulting in a yellowish appearance. Additionally, factors such as diet, smoking and other tobacco use, and oral hygiene routines play a critical role in the maintenance of the colour of your teeth. For instance, smoking can dramatically impact the colour of teeth, causing them to change from white to yellowish colour. If you are tired of teeth stains, brown teeth or yellow teeth, we can help you to get your teeth shades brighter with effective whitening treatments.

Professional Teeth Whitening

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Tooth Whitening Strategies

There are two general tooth whitening strategies we can provide to combat the discolouration of your teeth.

These two strategies can be broken down into at-home tooth whitening and in-office tooth whitening methods. Both methods are based on the application of a “bleaching” solution or an active ingredient that removes surface and deep stains produced by factors such as those mentioned above.

The result is two to four shades of lightening through the use of products with mild active ingredients recommended by your dentist.

Tooth whitening treatment can be done to sensitive teeth as well, and surface stains can be removed by using the right teeth whiteners under the guidance of a dental expert in these cases. It is possible to gently whiten your teeth both in dental offices and through whitening your teeth at home.

What About Tooth Health?

If you have been avoiding using a whitening system due to concerns about damage related to tooth whitening solutions or due to concerns about whitening processes being hard on healthy teeth, you can rest easy. We offer gentle ways to create brighter teeth and remove tooth stains that will not cause gum irritation or tooth sensitivity.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

In summary, this category consists of all whitening techniques that can be done in the comfort of your own home. For instance, one may opt into purchasing a whitening toothpaste, whitening pen, or whitening strips that can be used at home.

Whitening Toothpaste

While types of whitening toothpaste can provide an easily accessible approach to whitening your teeth, this is generally recommended if you are looking to simply remove surface stains and achieve a slightly whiter smile. Strips whitened teeth can offer teeth whitening results that are lesser in quality than what is achieved with a teeth whitening or whitening kit.

When paired with whitening toothpaste, at-home strip teeth whiteners can be a good way to maintain your whitening results.

Hydrogen Peroxide Strips

In contrast, whitening strips are affordable and generate noticeable results in under 2 weeks when applied for 30 minutes per day. These strips typically contain a peroxide-based formula, which is the main ingredient in many whitening products.

Custom Options For Your Needs

Aside from these two options, Aura Dental can personalize your at-home whitening routine with pre-made/custom whitening trays that can deliver even better results than toothpaste or whitening strips. These tooth whitening kits are far superior to over-the-counter teeth whiteners.

Our custom whitening trays are lined with a powerful gel that is specifically designed to whiten teeth and can help you achieve satisfactory results in just a few days of use when used appropriately (1 hour per day).

Custom Whitening Kits

Custom-made trays tend to be more expensive than non-customized trays, mostly due to their extra protection against the possible leakage of whitening gel or whitening agent that may occur in non-customized trays. If this happens, the gel can cause irritation to the gums.

By having the tray custom-fit to the arrangement of your teeth by one of our dental professionals, the risk of gel leaking out and reaching the gums becomes significantly reduced.

Custom trays make sure that you get enough gel onto the teeth to achieve whiter teeth. You want to be sure that you are bleaching teeth and not gums and custom trays will also help to make sure that you do not irritate sensitive teeth.

Whitening agents and whitening gel are made for teeth surfaces and should not get on the gums or lips.

Using custom teeth whitening kit trays is one of the best ways to whiten your teeth at home and you will be glad that you took the time to use this custom option when you see how well this whitening kit method works compared to whitening pens or other bleaching agent products on the market.

There is no equivalent tooth whitening kit on the market and for those with sensitive teeth or tooth decay, this method causes far less sensitivity and superior whitening results.

In-Office Teeth Whitening Kit

Although our in-office tooth treatments may be more expensive upfront, the results are substantially better than at-home whitening methods and are achieved in a single visit (aside from consultation). There is no trade for professional treatments in this area, and we offer excellent methods of safe lightening and brightening that are affordable for more people.

These products are used by dental professionals in a dentist’s office due to the high peroxide content in the gel that is used to whiten teeth. There are other solutions that can be offered if hydrogen peroxide is an issue for your health or the health of your teeth.

Our in-office whitening products brighten your smile by up to 8 shades in one session. And, because the tooth lightening process can generate sensitivity in some people, our in-office whitening process procedures offer different levels of “whitening intensity” that can be tailored specifically to a level that is comfortable to you.

You may not want your teeth to be movie-star white, and that is totally fine! We will make sure that you get the results that you were looking for when you come to us for your dental care.

Dentist Office Whitening

Some of our best teeth brightening products are active by led light, which can not be done with any home teeth brightening process. A dentist must supervise all treatments done with led lights for your safety and for the best teeth brightening results.

Our dentist’s office tooth whitening is a highly customizable procedure that can be effective and safely performed in the care of our professional dental care team who can provide medical advice and wellness advice. We will make sure that your teeth are healthy enough for treatment before we assist you with your brightening and whitening needs.

Our in-office whitening procedures at Aura Dental also come with a take-home kit that you can use on your own time to maintain that brighter, whiter smile after your visit to our clinic (recommended to maintain brighter shades of white).

When should I not whiten my teeth?

One important consideration before choosing to whiten your teeth is, of course, your overall oral health status.

Thus, if you are thinking of starting a whitening method, you should consult one of our dental professionals to rule out any possible cavities or underlying oral health complications that can be worsened by the application of ingredients found in whitening products (e.g., peroxide).

As well, because these products are developed to work on natural tooth enamel, it is recommended that you discuss whether old fillings or crowns should be replaced with one of our dentists prior to having your teeth whitened.

Enamel erosion and plaque buildup can affect tooth colour as well, and you may require other assistance from a dentist before you can have whitening products applied to the teeth.

What about my sensitive teeth?

Tooth sensitivity is common following hydrogen peroxide whitening agent use or home tooth whitening agents with carbamide peroxide in them.

While these products can brighten teeth, the hydrogen peroxide in them can lead to sensitivity.

This is a case where a dentist may advise that you avoid whitening toothpaste and instead come into the office for a hydrogen peroxide-free led light treatment.

How can I maintain a brighter smile after using a whitening product?

There are other hydrogen peroxide-free products such as Beauty Lab which uses vitamin c and coconut oil to remove stains.

These kinds of products are recommended by some American Dental Association professionals, but there may be reasons that coconut oil treatments are not right for your needs.

It is always best to work with your dentist to make sure that you are going to use the right cleaning and whitening protocols at home after your treatment.

You want to make sure that your teeth look their best in between whitening visits. there are some simple ways to make sure that you do not stain your teeth after they have been whitened.

How to Maintain Bright and White Teeth

Finally, we recommended maintaining certain behaviours to optimize results after having your teeth whitened with an at-home hydrogen peroxide whitening kit or if you have your tooth bleaching done professionally.

We want your teeth to look their best for years to come, and you can maintain your bright white teeth with some simple adjustments to your daily routine. Be aware of your habits and adjust them for lasting changes in the appearance of your smile and the health of your teeth.

Change Your Daily Habits for Healthier Teeth

Some of the ways you can maintain these results and prevent tooth discoloration after you have whitened teeth include:

  • Using a straw to drink coffee, red wine, or tea or certain foods (or avoid these drinks altogether, if possible)
  • Brushing frequently (at least twice a day), and using a tooth whitening toothpaste or mild abrasives that include hydrogen peroxide
  • Drinking water after a staining beverage (e.g., coffee, cola, red wine, etc.)
  • Maintain visits to the dentist to keep up with regular cleanings

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