Are you looking for a way to correct the arrangement of your teeth, but really don’t want the look of braces? Then Invisalign may be the option for you!

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is essentially an effective alternative to standard braces that can be used to correct your teeth, giving you that perfect smile. Essentially, Invisalign works like braces but are nearly invisible on your teeth (hence, Invisalign). It involves the use of a thin, plastic mouthguard that is custom fitted to your teeth and removable. This mouthguard is worn frequently to slowly transition your teeth into an aligned arrangement. The advantage of this removable product is that you are able to maintain your oral health routine by brushing and flossing daily, opposed to the obstruction and difficult to reach areas that can result from wearing braces.

How long does it take?

Invisalign results can be achieved in as little as 6 months if used appropriately. To ensure optimal progress, you will have regularly scheduled appointments with one of our dental professionals every 6 to 8 weeks. These appointments are meant to confirm the progress in teeth movement and to update your Invisalign mouthguard.

What is the process?

Upon your first visit to our office during a consultation appointment, we will take a 3D scan of your oral cavity. This scan will be used to guide the construction of your Invisalign mouthguards, which will slightly change with respect to teeth arrangement as you progress through each of the stages.

Because the goal of Invisalign is to slowly shift your teeth over time, several Invisalign mouthguards are to be used in a sequential manner. This is because each mouthguard is slightly different and is meant to reflect the progression of teeth movement that is required to achieve the smile you are working towards.

Thus, when you drop-in to our office for your regular appointment every 6 to 8 weeks, we will provide you with your next batch of Invisalign mouthguards that are to be worn in a sequential manner until your next visit.

Should I get Invisalign?

Although Invisalign is a feasible and effective alternative to braces, it may not be suitable for everyone. To find out, call us at (204) 560-4500 for a consultation and we can help you decide on your options to achieve that perfect smile!

Highly recommend, 5 out of 5 service every time! The office is welcoming and very clean. Dr. Tom and Ari are both very friendly. They always do an amazing job at making sure I'm comfortable during my appointments and taking my concerns seriously by being attentive and explaining the reasoning behind my concerns.

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