Tooth Colored Fillings

Cavities happen, and these cavities need to be corrected to avoid disease and decay of the affected tooth. Composite fillings are a suitable option to repair cavities and prevent any complications that can arise from untreated, cavitated teeth, all while maintaining the natural colour of your teeth. At Aura Dental, our dental care team can provide you with efficient and professional dental service.

Composite vs Amalgam for your teeth: What are they?

Composite fillings are made from resin-based material, which basically means fine glass and plastic material. The material used for a composite filling is applied to the tooth and fills in the natural tooth structure, resulting in an invisible layer over the specified area on the tooth. Composite fillings present a suitable and aesthetically pleasing alternative to amalgam fillings (intra-site link?), though they can be more expensive.

How does the dentist apply them?

Upon arrival to our office, one of our dentists will initially clean the tooth in question and colour-match the composite material so that your filling is similar in colour to your natural teeth.

Preparation of Materials

Once the material has been colour-matched, the cavity is “removed” by drilling or trimming the affected area – this creates a strong base on which the filling is applied.


Next, your tooth is conditioned in a process called etching. Etching involves the use of an acidic solution to produce microscopic irregularities on the tooth surface and is completely painless. The purpose of etching is to enhance the ability of your tooth to bond with the composite material, and may not be necessary, depending on the type of bonding agent used by the dentist.

Application of bonding agent

The bonding agent is then applied to your tooth. Once applied, a bright, blue light is shone directly onto the tooth surface to cure it. The curing process basically hardens the bond material to the tooth, creating a strong seal over the treated area. This completes the initial filling process, and now it is time for the composite to be added.

Addition of composite

Step-by-step, our dentist will then procedurally add layers of composite to the bond surface, which will be finely molded to give your tooth a natural shape. Small amounts of composite are added and cured with each step—this way, you can walk out of the office with a healthy, strong, and natural-feeling tooth again.

Adjusting your bite

Once the last layer of composite has been added to the treated area, our dentist will test your bite to see if it is aligned, and whether it feels comfortable to you. This simply involves biting down on a thin piece of material and indicating whether your bite feels natural. After your bite has been confirmed, our dentist will polish your filling so that it is smooth and looks natural.

Oral Health: How should I care for my composite filling?

Numbness induced by the anesthetic should wear off anywhere from 1 to 2 hours following the procedure. Nevertheless, our dentist will inform you of a reasonable time that you can begin to eat solid foods again so as to let your filling settle and form a strong seal. It can take up to roughly 24 hours for the composite to completely harden, and you may experience slight discomfort or minor pain around the area—this is normal and should dissipate within a few weeks.

Other than this, our dentists recommend a typical dental hygiene routine that includes twice daily brushing, frequent flossing, and biannual dental cleaning visits to our office to sufficiently maintain your composite filling.

What are some advantages/disadvantages?

For the most part, composite fillings are cosmetically suitable options that are applied with a more conservative approach. Additionally, compared to amalgams fillings, composite fillings do not involve the use of mercury in the production of their material. Although, amalgam fillings use a safe amount of mercury and provide a stronger bond compared to composite fillings, meaning you may have to have the same composite filling re-applied multiple times.

Composite fillings are also not suitable for large cavities and for those with poor oral health conditions—because of this, one of our dentists will discuss which filling option best suits your oral health status.

Finally, composite fillings are much more expensive that may not be covered by insurance companies, and are vulnerable to daily consumption of alcohol, with cases of premature deterioration prevalent in those who frequently drink alcoholic beverages.

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Tooth coloured fillings, also known as composite resin fillings are comprised of plastic, glass, and silica particles. This type of dental filling material is popular with most patients and dentists since the results are less noticeable and appear more natural. As a result, at Aura Dental Centre we are dedicated to resolving the decaying process to prevent further complications and restore your beautiful smile. You can trust us for tooth-colored fillings and other dental care needs.

Why are Tooth Colored Filling Materials Used to Treat Dental Cavities?

Composite Fillings are Aesthetically Appealing

Unlike traditional gold and silver amalgam fillings, tooth-colored filling composites match your natural teeth’ color and structure. As a result, no one will recognize you have had a cavity. Even better, these tooth fillings do not contain metal or mercury.

They are durable

If well cared for, Tooth colored cavity fillings can last for up to 10 years or more.

Quick and Easy Dentistry Treatment

Tooth-colored dental filling procedure is easy, quick, painless, and cost-efficient. The dentists’ at Aura Dental Centre are professionals who can complete a single filling in 30 to 45min. 

In addition to colored fillings, we offer other dental filling options but not limited to: cast gold and silver fillings. Aura Dental Centre is your go-to dentistry clinic for all oral health care needs. Do not hesitate to reach out to us today and restore your teeth to their glory.

Tooth Colored Fillings in Winnipeg

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